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Review: Smashed

Smashed is a casual game that is excellent for killing time.  You would hardly even notice the time that you have already played for hours already.

This is a puzzle game that gets you to blow up things. The story line is about a new guy at a demolition company hired by the mayor to tear down all the sculptures (made by the bad guy called “The Sculpter)” to make way for new apartment buildings. Some people started placing radioactive waste all over the place and it’s to you to capture the waste barrels , demolish the sculptures and keep the waterway clear of wreckage.

This game is so simple that all you have to do is to touch the wooden blocks to blow them up and smash them to tiny pieces if needed. Some levels would require you to save toxic waste, destroy plastics and push things around. The main goal of the game is to blow up things while ensuring that they don’t go to the water.

As you reach the finger blocks levels, the sensitivity gets too high and becomes a little unmanageable. Everything in the game – graphics, sounds and story – exceeds expectations for a puzzle game. So if you want a good physics based puzzle game, download Smashed now.

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