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Upcoming Games [ 54 ]

Super Mega Worms

Super Mega Worms

If you enjoyed the Flash game called Effing Worms, then you would certainly enjoy this upcoming game called Super Meg Worm.  Deceased Pixel (creators of Tabletop Pong Classic and Snake HD) are the developers of Super Mega Worm.  Though this game not entirely unique, this game might bring you a lot of fun.

Upcoming Game: Dodonpachi Resurrection

Upcoming Game: Dodonpachi Resurrection

Cave’s Dodonpachi Resurrection is a bullet shooter game for the iPhone. This is a reinvented Dodonpachi DaiFukkatsu, the fifth game in the Dodonpachi series. Resurrection will include a mode like the arcade game and a new mode unique to the iPhone version.

Hybrid 2: Saga of Nostalgia

Last year Hybrid: Eternal Whisper graced the App Store, presenting massive upgrading system and attacks that vary depending on how your character is gripping their sword.  This game has garnered positive reviews from many gamers. Now Hybrid 2: Saga of Nostalgia is in the final stages of beta testing and if everything goes well Gamevil will be submitting it to the App Store by the end of this month. Be sure to look forward to Hybrid 2 coming this September […]

iShoot 2 now on the App Store

After eight months of tedious work, Ethan Nicholas had finally gone live in the AppStore for his recent installment – iShoot2.  It hasn’t been a long time ago that iShoot topped the charts of paid apps.

Update on TouchPets: Cats

I bet you are anxious about TouchPets: Cats we wrote about last June.  Here is a follow up on the best virtual pet app in terms of graphics and depth.

The Tower

Five months ago, developer Yoot Saito had announced plans to bring the The Tower to the Ipad. Saito, a Japanese game designer, is well known for both SimTower and Yoot Tower (The Tower II in Japan) and Seaman, a virtual pet game that is focused on voice recognition for Sega Dreamcast.

Upcoming: Fart Vs. Zombies

Mutant Games artfully combined something that the App Store have too much of – fart apps, games with zombies and line drawing games. This makes a totally intriguing game. Who knows it might turn out to be absolutely enjoyable.

Across Age HD

Across Age is an RPG with an addictive plot and an awesome sprite-based graphics. This game is packed with puzzles that makes the most of its two main gameplay mechanics: separating two characters at once and time-traveling.

Cowboys vs. Zombies

Tall Chair developer of Cowboys vs. Zombies has made the players in charge of the protection of Undeadwood, a town with a big zombie problem.  Cowboys were hired to defend the roof of a building along the main street of Undeadwood with a camera system that pans up and down the road instead of just an overhead view. The developers said that the zombies will try to take on each of your infrastructure and you have to be insightful to […]

Star Wars: Battle for Hoth

This video is a re-released gameplay for Star Wars: Battle for Hoth.  This time this video clip is narrated by Tomas Rawlings.  In this video, he explains some of the game tactics used like making trenches and placing the infantry in those trenches to gain defensive bonus. Trenches allows you to channel enemy units.  The succeeding attackers will shoot on your defenses rather than just pass by like most creeps in other defense games.  Star Wars: Battle for Hoth will […]