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Airmech…. i am guiltly enjoying this.


I have been in Airmech the Alpha for a long time and go back regularly to see what has changed andwhat new levels and modes were up. I have been playing this with my Google account and have had a blast every time. It takes me back to my amiga days and those were also good days.. Small teams building interesting universes and great gameplay. Here is the trailer for the game.

Carbon Games is a small shop of gaming industry veterans who entered the indie seen to get back in touch with their gamers and it shows from the polish, fun and sometimes frantic pace of Airmech. The game itself is sort of old school 80’s idea of a Flying jet that can carry troops and vehicles around the battlefield and then at a moments notice (Your command) transform into a mech fighting on the ground.  Carbon Games must be a little tower defence lovers as the game does  resembles tower defence in some ways, It does remind me of the old game (New on iPad.) Z from the Bitmap Brothers, both games  combined strategy and shooting elements to mix things up. But Airmech has the mech where as Z had the drunk robots….. Airmech is a good mix of real time strategy, blow things up and managing logistics.  At regular intervals your fortress/towers/warehouses/base (Chose your preferred building type.) spawn a group of infantry that will start marching towards the enemy’s fortress/towers/warehouses/base (Chose your preferred building type.) . You can watch them march as you have no possible way to command them. Infantry are your only way to capture the fortress/towers/warehouses/base (Chose your preferred building type.)  between you and your enemy.


These fortress/towers/warehouses/base (Chose your preferred building type.) are there to produce cash and work as a factory to support you. Each fortress/towers/warehouses/base (Chose your preferred building type.)  needs four of the infantry to enter it for it to bring it under your control. Should the enemy’s infantry enter they will slowly relieve it from your possession, so control of fortress/towers/warehouses/base (Chose your preferred building type.) is often a tug of war between you and your enemy.

The lack of control isn’t limited to just your infantry – everything you build can’t be directly controlled by you exactly. You can issue them 4 commands to them which are attack enemy, hold position, patrol path, link to another unit – but you can only do this when you are in jet form, and you can only to one unit at a time. This may sound like it would make for a frustrating way to fight and depending on your personality type it is (One of my friends hates that feature.), I think  it makes  for a tense and frantic game t.

The game works on the KISS principle (Not the Rock band.. Well maybe a little.)Resources are kept very simple, money/cash is the only resource you need and you can only build one unit at a time. There are only ever eight units to choose from.


 I have not tried out all the modes and I played only the 1vs1 mode. The games have a length ranging from 10-30 minutes on a average.  It has a very Japanese’s art style which works for this game and the Mech sounds great. The animation is just right for this and the battlefield after a long game is a sight to beholdThe game also hooks you well with  its speed and balance. A small down side is the micro transactions and since this game is free I understand they need to make money. I am not a big fan of Pay to Play and win but I understand that since they are a small shop they do need to feed themselves. Since I did not buy anything I still had a very good time. Carbon Games are having a special Earth day content which added some Limited Edition Earth Day items to the game which will be available through May 4th. Please look this up on their site.

Overall a great game and can highly recommend it to anyone. I do look forward to what else carbon Games will release in the near future. You can follow Airmech Twitter account to hear about what’s new and changes here @PlayAirMech

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