Nerf This
A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history – with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila.


Customize your Puzzling as you puzzle through 8 provinces and dozens of levels across Wardrobia! Swap and rotate blocks to make matches as fast as you can.

While matching colorful blocks, you unlock clothes and body accents for your little Puzzling. There are hats, shirts, horns, mouths, eyes, peanut butter jars, and more to accumulate!

– Puzzlings! is part of the jujuPlay community where you can make friends, earn achievements and compete on global and friend-based leaderboards.

– Snap photos of your dressed-up puzzling and easily share with friends

Critical Acclaim for Puzzlings:

"..spending some time with your little guy (or gal, I guess) in the wardrobe area is a lot of fun once you have enough things unlocked.." – appVersity

"The collecting side quest is a great hook that will keep folks playing, just to see what item they get next. Coupling this Pokemon-style collecting with some great pop art graphics makes Puzzlings a great game" – IGN

"where the game shines in its twist of the execution of how you get these blocks together." – appVersity

"Puzzlings offers a unique take on the Match 3 category through unique visuals, customization and new control conventions." –

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