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Star Lines

Star Lines is a fun-filled, fast paced and challenging interactive trade off game that allows a single player to move colored stars in order to make a three in a row set. While getting three in a row causes the player to remove the set and earn points, getting more than three stars also removes the entire selected group and earns the player more points. Star Lines encourages matching and strategy thought processes as the player is having fun building sets. In order to advance through the levels, the player must earn points while moving entire rows left and right or columns up and down in order to make a match of 3. When 5 or more stars are matched and cleared, the player receives a bonus piece. When the bonus piece is matched and cleared, all surrounding pieces in 3×3 grid are cleared as well. This bonus offers even more points. Each level gets progressively more challenging. From level 3, locks appear on pieces at random rendering the row or column immobile. The locked piece must be matched and cleared in order to remove it from the screen. To advance through the levels, players must earn an incrementally escalating amount of points. The game is over when there are no moves left, usually caused by too many locks on the board.

Features of Star Lines include:

– A volume on and off switch.
– Greater challenge as levels increase.
– The ability to purchase a version of the StarLines game without advertising.
– Limitless levels.

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