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SwingSwing Touch

Touch Music Game <SwingSwing Touch>

It’s time for you to show the world what you’ve got!
Go with the newly upgraded SwingSwing for a travel to the one and only adventure to a whole new world!
The note patterns are three-dimensional; its far beyond you’re imaginations.

1. Habanera Tango
2. Dancing Cat
3. Chopsticks
4. Twinkle Little star
5. Hokey Pokey
6. Ten Little Indians
7. Wild West
8. Dance of The Swans
9. San Sebastian
10. Turkish March
11. SwingSwing
12. La Campanella
13. Pathetique
14. Thunder Cat
15. Boss Notes for Habanera Tango
16. Boss Notes for Pathetique
17. Boss Notes for Chopsticks

– Different levels, from beginner to advance, available for each song.
– Chat with friends and iPhoners around the world through OpenFeint.
– Unique background images and skins (made by professional designers exclusively for SwingSwing) for each song.

Patent No.10-0936598, pending PCT.

Coming up next: SwingSwing iPad Version, SwingSwing Touch Version, PingPing Revolution.

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