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Tetra Defense – Attack of the Tentacle!

Put your Tetris line making, tower placing, and earth defending skills to the test in your bid to save humanity from Bogey The Tentacle! If you enjoy Tetris-like games, Tower Defense titles, or both, get ready for a unique blend and completely innovative gameplay while battling it out with Bogey!

Bogey The Tentacle has sworn to take over the world and is invading earth in his Positronic-Piece-Dropping ship! As he attacks with multiple pieces, you have to place them in an isometric 3D grid to form Quads. Each Quad you form returns damage to Bogey (which makes him
angrier!). You must prevent Bogey from overloading the grid by constantly forming Quads, or else Earth is doomed!

As you progress, you earn gold in the game! You can use that to purchase and upgrade Earth's defenses to ward Bogey off and slow down his invasion. But watch out! Bogey is as fiery as his color and will unleash relentless attacks as he gets angrier!

-Fresh 3D Tetris-like game play!
-Innovative Tower Defense game play!
-4 Tower types! FREEZERS, LASERS, PLUGGERS, and NEUTRALIZERS towers keep each game playing differently!
-3 Tower upgrades! Earn GOLD and balance UPGRADES
-12 Openfeint achievements!
-Global leaderboards
-2 game modes with ENDLESS play
-Witty comments from Bogey will give you a laugh as he mocks your attempts!

-Drag pieces by swiping along the grid wall
-Tap anywhere to rotate pieces
-Swipe down to quick-drop pieces
-Tap towers to purchase and place

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