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Tic Tac Math Algebra

Tic Tac Math Algebra is a game for smart kids. It’s also a game for kids that want to improve in math. Or, it’s a game for business types that want to keep their problem solving skills sharp. Don’t let the fun and familiar Tic Tac Toe game format fool you. A basic strategy game like Tic Tac Toe coupled with the challenge of solving algebraic equations ranging from simple linear expressions to systems of equations will test even the most developed mathematical thinkers. And if you get stumped, the integrated help has examples or a handy formula just a click away.

• Tic Tac Math Algebra can be played alone, with another person or use the two-player mode to try teams for family fun.

• Pick from easy, advanced or expert level game grids of linear equations, quadratics, exponentials and systems of equations.

• Get three in a row and you win.

IPMG Publishing is a developer and publisher of math game and activity content. We interact with math educators, parents and learners on a daily basis. For more than 20 years, IPMG’s printed games and activities have been used in classrooms and homes around the world to help kids relate to math. The most common request that we receive is for games that engage kids with algebra. Algebra is complex. It is also a foundational element of mathematical thinking and higher order thinking in general. And a few minutes every so often with a fun game like Tic Tac Math may just be the key that unlocks a passion for mathematics!

You’ll get no argument from anyone here at IPMG that Angry Birds, Veggie Samurai, Canabalt, Flight Control or your favorite game are more fun to play than any math game. What IPMG strives for is to create an engaging way to squeeze in a few minutes of learning before the mindless fun begins. And the last time we checked, there are never any tests in school on any of the fun games mentioned above. There will be an algebra test. Help your son or daughter prepare for algebra. Give it a try and download Tic Tac Math Algebra today!

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