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BumperCars is taking over the world!! Tens of thousands of BumperCar players can't be wrong!

"There is something about this family friendly little gem that got us playing and trying to beat our best score!"
– review from

"They say it's a kid's game, but I was having alot of fun playing as well!"
– review from Jerad Hill,

"Cool and Sweet!"
– user review

Do you like car games? Enjoy race car games? Carnival or arcade games? Video games in general?? Then you will LOVE Bumpercars!

Take a break from the mind bending, frustrating puzzle games, sit back and get ready for some old fashioned, simple FUN!

Now you can hop into the Bumpercar ring without having to leave your couch. See why everyone is talking about this new, fresh, original game for the iPhone and iPod Touch! Use the arcade-like controls to guide your Bumpercar to crash ‘em, smash ‘em, and destroy the other Bumpercars in the ring!

Red car is player car

Multi level play

Swipe or tap to change car direction

Advanced sound effects

Great original music to pump you up

Car speed increases with each level

Crash and destroy the other cars in the ring

Power up by collecting batteries

Top notch graphics

Try to beat your best score

Bumpercars is great for any age – kids, adults, the whole family! Parents – if your kids enjoy any of the titles below – Bumpercars is a must buy for them!

Super Monkey Ball, SimCity, Koi Pond, Tetris, Arcade Bowl, Rolando, Enigmo, Bejeweled

If you enjoy any of the racing or car games below you will LOVE Bumpercars!!

Crash Bandicoot Nitro Cart, GTS World Racing, Need for Speed, Fastlane Street Racing, Asphalt 4 Elite Racing, Fast & Furious Pink Slip, Cro-mag Rally, Monster Trucks Nitro, Ferrari GT: Evolution, LightBike, CrazyTanks, iCopter, Ridge Racer, Moto Racer

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