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Monster Island is released.

Thanks to WPCentral  I was happy to see that Miniclip’s new game Monster Island had been released this morning for my wonderful Nokia Lumia 800 (Actually everybodys WP7.).  Below is the Blurb about the game from the Marketplace.

Monster thugs are on the loose harassing the inhabitants of the colorful world of Monster Island. Now, it’s up to you and your arsenal of mini-monster bombs to get rid of this plague of unwanted visitors. Can you stand against such mischievous foes?
Unlock five different monster bombs, each with its own abilities: Rocko, Sticky, Xplode, Blui and the fearsome Don Tonator! Toss them at enemies over 3 worlds and 200 reactive puzzles which will dazzle you for many hours of unparalleled fun.
Change your character in the store to get new and cool looks.

* 252 levels over 4 different islands (and more to come!)
* Choose one of 12 unique heroes
* Leader Boards and Achievements
* Interactive tutorial to learn how to play
Try also the free web version of Monster Island on our website:

So what is Monster Island all about it’s a Angry Birds/Fragger monster wrapped game which in itself is not a bad thing. Fragger was one of my first iOS games which I thoroughly enjoyed. So I downloaded the it and had a quick fling and it is a fun game and a must for people who enjoy Angry birds and Fragger. The characters are fun and with over 250 levels worth it. BUT it has one thing I was SHOCKED at which was it has a Achievement for buying  within the game. I mean the game is $2.99 which is a acceptable price but you need to 3 coin packs to get the Big Spender Achievement. So now your game just cost $5.99. this is wrong in so many ways. COME ON Microsoft stop such Achievements based on in game purchases. Monster Island features an in-game shop in which you as the player can purchase level unlocks, level skips, and New monsters using the games own currency.  Plus you can also get the above mentioned Achievement. The game has good level design and fun bombing so please at least download it to try.

Below are a list of the Achievements Courtesy of

There are 18 achievements with a total of 200 points.

Like a boss (10   points)

Complete   a level with 3 stars

In your face (10   points)

Hit a   monster in the head

Take two (10   points)

Kill   two monsters with one shot

Chill down (10   points)

Kill an   enraged monster

Spare (10   points)

Complete   a level with the last shot

Monster killer (10 points)

Kill 50   monsters

Monster Hunter (10 points)

Kill   100 monsters

Monster Nightmare (10 points)

Kill   300 monsters

Master Chiller (10 points)

Kill 40   enraged monsters

Yellow Jello (15   points)

Complete   Yellow Jello with all stars

Real Jam (15   points)

Complete   Purple Jam with all stars

Own the city (15   points)

Complete   Monstrocity with all stars

Break the ice (15   points)

Complete   Frozen Mellow with all stars

No Clue (10   points)

See a   level solution

Curiosity Killed Monsters (10 points)

Buy a   solution pack in the Store

Time is Gold (10   points)

Skip a   level

Keep ’em coming (10 points)

Buy a   skip pack in the store

Big Spender (10   points)

Buy 3   coin packs (Please do not Purchase this and encourage this kind of behavior in our games.)

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