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BLABA interesting tool for Dev N00BS

I was visting some of my favourite indie dev sites today and came across this a story called BLABA “Bryan Lunduke’s Awesome Blocks of Awesome”.  Come on just with a title like that you have to look.

To be totally honest I stopped and had a quick look and then quickly looked for the main site. Once found I quickly read and was totally impressed with Bryans visual programming idea and program. Its really programming via blocks of input. Yes currently a bit simplistic from what I can see (I will purchase this soon and write a review of the tool.) currently.  A great idea and anybody who trys to get this working correctly has my respect.  Right now he is selling the tool for $25 as it is in beta and once it is pro it will jump to $35. I would recommend everyone to help support Bryan on this project as it can only help us in the future. He has a couple of other things going on too, a couple of webcomics,  two games and a few other projects.

This is the link for his website (Link).

A few pictures from His site:

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