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Casey’s Contraptions now available [Updated]

Here is a Puzzle game that REALY takes some thinking, Casey’s Contraptions is a physics based puzzle game that has the added advantage of being able to share solutions to puzzles with friends, and even Casey himself. After spending some time figuring out a complex puzzle I would imagine there is a good deal of fun to be had letting all those friends of yours still struggling alone know of how you managed to complete it.

With over 70 levels to complete as well as the ability to edit them and make your own levels the replay value looks good. You can also email your edited levels to friends for them to solve.
There is also no “fixed” solution so you could do it one way and your friend another, this makes for some interesting possibilities and again some good replay value. Casey’s Contraptions is available now in the New Zealand iOS App Store and later tonight all the others and from what we have seen so far well worth the asking price of $2.99. See the video below for a taste of what Casey has to offer.

[Update]: Available in all stores now.


United States

Casey's Contraptions - Snappy Touch



Casey's Contraptions - Snappy Touch



Casey's Contraptions - Snappy Touch



Casey's Contraptions - Snappy Touch


New Zealand

Casey's Contraptions - Snappy Touch

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