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[Review] Dofus: Battles

Dofus is a long standing MMORPG but there is little similarity to Dofus: Battles apart from a few RPG elements this game is basically a tower defense…but the tower is a dragon…
Essentially the game consists of characters with different skills that you “layout” on a board to defend the previously mentioned dragon against wave after wave of monsters that are bent on his/her destruction.

Were a traditional tower defense would have a path that your attackers will follow Dofus: Battles has an open board which means you also need to pick your placement very well or the attaches will just pass on by and promptly kick your dragons butt, this adds a lot more depth to the game than expected and when you throw in the fact that every character is completely different and has a full set of armor/weapons/trinkets etc that can be upgraded the game starts to get quite complex. This being said I think the closest game I can think of to related it to would be Plants vs Zombies by Popcap games as the game play is very much the same.

Every time you kill an attacker crystals are dropped that can be collected and go to the cost of dropping more hero’s on the board. There are some mini games but you do not need to play them if you don’t choose to.

Overall the game is lots of fun and the graphics are very pleasing (even with the lack of Retina display support), the inventory system was a little annoying at times as there is no way to compare items to existing equipped items which mad it very hard to upgrade some times especially when the difference in stats was minimal but I’m sure that is a concern that will be addressed with coming patches.
Overall this is a fun game and well worth the $2.99 asking price.


United States

Dofus : Battles - Ankama



Dofus : Battles - Ankama



Dofus : Battles - Ankama



Dofus : Battles - Ankama


New Zealand

Dofus : Battles - Ankama

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