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Interesting comparision between iOS 5.1 and WP 7.5

Below is a copy of the article from WMPOWERUSER.COM  about the difference’s between iOS and Wondows Phone 7.5. I do think it is a very good view of what each do and do better than the other. like everything in life I miss things on both platforms and to be honest the Android platform is just a pure pain (Personal Statement.) I feel they are swinging between both iOS and/or WP7.5 as a style and I wish they would get their own Identity. Please read the information down below and visit WMPOWERUSER.COM  to read the rest.

For one week, I purchased an iPhone 4S and used it as my primary device, in order to see how Windows Phone compares to its main competitor. Some things were far better on Windows Phone, and some things were far better on iOS. Here is what I found:

Interface – Winner: Windows Phone Windows Phone hands down has a far more intuitive and easy to use interface. I actually expected the iPhone to be ahead of the game here, since Apple is always known for making things simple and dumbed down, but most of the iPhone’s features are incredibly hidden and impossible to discover without reading instructions.

I was convinced that the iPhone had NO background media controls for current playing music, since the controls are hidden in places where a common user would never look. To skip a song from the lock screen, you have to press the home key twice. To skip a song while using the phone, you have to double-tap the home key and then swipe left on the multitasking pane. If it took me forever to find out about these, I can imagine average users truly struggling.

Also, the iPhone’s stolen version of swiping left to view pictures from the camera is completely unintuitive, since NOTHING tells you that it is possible. Windows Phone, on the other hand, gives you visual clues everywhere. The interface of Windows Phone is unmatched in terms of ease of use and being intuitive.

Apps – Winner: iPhone There are simply more apps on iOS than there are Windows Phone, and most of the popular ones (PayPal, Photosynth, Wells Fargo, Draw Something) are on iOS and not on Windows Phone. Also, the multitasking in iOS is far faster and better controlled. Apps will almost always open instantly from the home screen since they simply resume the version stored in RAM instead of restarting like in Windows Phone.

Also, the quality of apps on the iPhone are a notch above Windows Phone. The Facebook app in particular is a great example… it’s actually usable compared to the Windows Phone version!

Nevertheless, it can be tough to find free apps on iOS compared to Windows Phone, and I discovered that Windows Phone does have some better smaller apps for specific nitches (there’s no XDA-Developers app on iPhone for example). And I became extremely frustrated by Apple’s App Store asking me to enter my password every single time to install FREE apps!

Email – Winner: Windows Phone With Windows Phone, you can actually search for emails. With the iPhone, you can only search for who emails are from, who they are to, and the subject line. What a joke! Also, with Windows Phone it’s possible to attach multiple photos to an email. Yeah, that’s right, the iPhone can’t send multiple pictures in an email. And to attach a photo, you have to do something completely unintuitive: Leave your email, go to the Photos app, and select a photo, and then click Send! Windows Phone wins hands down.

as stated above please go to WMPOWERUSER.COM  to read the rest of this well written article.

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