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iPhone 5 possible new dock what now?

There has been a lot of talk in the Interwebs about this here “New Connector” that is possibly coming out on the new iPhone 5. What exactly does this mean to us the tech junkie and mobile gamer?

If you have not been following the ongoing chatter about the new iPhone that is supposedly being launched next month, then you probably don’t know that there are rumours that the old iPod/iPhone etc dock connector is finally being replaced.
The new dock connector is possibly going to be ALOT smaller that the 30pin that we are all used to. So what exactly does this mean to us?

In my opinion not a lot, if you have an existing dock of some sort or accessory that uses the dock then you will need to buy an adaptor, so I suppose that having to spend €20-€30 is a pain yes, but besides that there is no real downside for the average geek. The manufacturers of these devices/docks on the other hand are going to have to spend some cash changing there accessories to be compatible with both older and new connectors. The plus for us tech heads is that a smaller connector means more space for the good stuff and/or bigger batteries?

So what do you think, good or bad thing?

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