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iShoot 2 now on the App Store

After eight months of tedious work, Ethan Nicholas had finally gone live in the AppStore for his recent installment – iShoot2.  It hasn’t been a long time ago that iShoot topped the charts of paid apps.

This game is really a revised form of the Scorched Earth topped with pleasant improvements over its prequel  iShoot.  iShoot 2 is a universal application that maximizes the use of iPhone4 and iPad display.  This recent game also has detailed graphical elements compared to the original.

iShoot2 is a turn-based shooting game that brings a kill-or-be-killed combat zone setting to the gamer.  You are in command of a tank on a rocky landscape with one or more enemy tanks beside it.  Your objective is to calculate the proper position and speed to launch your projectile/s to your enemy tanks with a few tries as possible and then thump them until they’re dead.  You have more control of your weapons as the velocity setting is controlled with an on-screen slider unlike in the original wherein you get to hold down the fire button.

This game has Skirmish and Campaign single-player modes and also a local Bluetooth multiplayer which can allow four players together in each mode.  There is a variety of new weapon systems – not just single-projectile weapons but particle-based weapons, flame weapons, etc.  Tanks can be upgraded as the game advances.  The battlegrounds in iShoot 2 are bigger than its predecessor.   You can scroll and pinch/spread zoom to keep your enemies in view.  An exciting soundtrack from the original is also present.

If you are fan of this genre, you ought to give this game a try.


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