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Kingdom Conquest a freemium to look out for

A new interesting upcoming game from Sega’s iPhone Games Day which is a combination of MMO, RTS, card battling and dungeon crawling.  It is coming late this fall.  This unique game is called Kingdom Conquest and we just hope that Sega could pull this idea.

In this game you would be building a city by putting buildings and using supplies like as if you are setting up a base camp similar to the RTS way.  Utilizing things like stone, iron and wood could make you build different structures with special purposes.  You would need to gather together an army to take over the territories of your enemies.  The various kinds of units that you could use in your army are shown in a card-battling style like that in Magic the Gathering.  Each card has its own features and special skills and there are ways to collect unique cards to add to your collection.  The battle’s outcome lies on the effectiveness of the cards in your army.

There are special towers around the map that you have to take control of and that is when the dungeon crawling comes in.  After you complete a tower, the game becomes a 3rd person hack ‘n slash game of 5 levels full of enemies and a gigantic final boss.  If you beat a tower, you can gain special items and supplies for building your city.  You could get monster cards and experience points.  There are 3 kinds of characters in this part of the game: a barbarian, a cleric and a swordsman.  You could customize these characters with arsenal and equipment.

As mentioned before, this game is also an MMO.  You could play with others through EDGE, 3G or WiFi internet connection.  You could view other players’ cities and play against them to take over their territory.  You could also join other players and form alliances as you play.  The dungeon crawling part can be played with 4 players together.

A “messenger” character would help you through the game before proceeding in online battle.  This will be a free game but you there’s a shop for in-app purchases.  These purchases can increase your production, attack, defense and other offensive boosts.  You have to try Kingdom Conquest which will be available this fall.

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