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Mosh was released yesterday

Mush was released their emotion based game to xbox live… Downloaded it last night and had a little spin. Its actually a fun little game. Grreat music and actually cool graphics style. A good addition to the xbox live catalogue.
• Touch, tilt and shake the phone to change your character’s emotions!
• Each emotion unlocks a brand new ability!
• 12 emotion inspired worlds to explore for hours of carefully crafted gameplay!
• Stunningly textured artwork, cute characters and physics based puzzles!
• 20 Xbox LIVE Achievements!
• Trophies to earn!
• Leaderboards!

below are a list of Achievements you can get compliments of

Beginner’s Luck (10 points)
Complete the first level.

In Pursuit of Happiness (5 points)
Use happy emotion for the first time.

Into the Doldrums (5 points)
Use the sad emotion for the first time.

Befuddled (5 points)
Use the confused emotion for the first time.

Seeing Red (5 points)
Use the angry emotion for the first time.

Happy Go Lucky (10 points)
Complete all the happy levels.

Pessimist (10 points)
Complete all the sad levels.

This Way Up (10 points)
Complete all the confused levels.

Anger Management (10 points)
Complete all the angry levels.

Home In Time For Tea (30 points)
Complete all the levels.

Mood Maestro (5 points)
Change emotions 150 times.

Emotion Ninja (10 points)
Complete a level in less than five minutes.

Only 9 Million To Go… (5 points)
Collect your first 10 minimotes.

Magpie (15 points)
Complete any level collecting all minimotes.

Evasive (5 points)
Complete a level without collecting 10 or more minimotes.

Smile When Down (10 points)
Complete a sad level collecting all happy minimotes.

Electromaniac (5 points)
Collide with electricity three times in a row.

Spinning Out (5 points)
Change to the confused state three times in quick succession.

Smashing Good Time (10 points)
Smash 65 rocks.

Emotionally Complete (30 points)
Collect all minimotes in the game and complete the current level.

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