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Puzzle Quest 2 for iOS : Match 3 with a touch of RPG

Puzzle Quest 2 has been around for PC for a little while now but has now been released for you favorite iOS device. I have played the PC version to death and was quite interested in the port to a touch screen device as I think this game was made for this type of device. So did they succeed with the port or was this just another port we would rather not talk about?

In short Puzzle Quest 2 is a match 3 gem game the likes of Bejeweled – “Another one” I hear you sigh – No not just another one, Puzzle Quest 2 blends your basic match 3 with a whole lot of RPG aspects. On top of that there is a fairly decent quest system and weapon upgrade system.

RPG aspects:
You play a specific class and character within the game and this character levels up from combat and completing quests just like you would in most RPG games. Your class will determine what spells/skills you can get and there are a good many to choose from. You will only be able to equip and use 5 of these at any time.

You also get to choose new stats as you level up which enhance various aspects of your characters attach. You will need these as most of the game is spent in combat.


The combat is the biggest part of the game and were all your RPG bits pay off, the match 3 is the basis of the combat with each opponent taking a turn to either match gems or use an ability or both as I found out with a few annoying opponents. Many of the battles are quite long and you will need to use good strategy to come out on top of them. I like the combat system as it is different but still fun…even when the %$$#^%^ monster keeps getting 4 in a row (which gives him another turn).

The performance on iPhone 4 and iPad was fine and the game played fairly smoothly however on an iPhone 3Gs it was clunky and hiccupped often, it was not unplayable just a bit annoying and I’m sure with a little patch here and there they will smooth these hiccups right out.

You will definitely add the graphics to the plus column as they are bright and vibrant and even on the smaller iPhone screen you can see what is going on. The only beef I have is again on the 3Gs screen it was not easy to see what color gems were needed for each spell and I found it necessary to click on the ability to check this in the spell details. Obviously the iPhone 4 and iPad screen were a lot clearer and bigger respectively so this was not an issue.

For the price of $9.99 you get a universal app that will have you saying “just one more level” into the early hours. We would recommend this game because despite it abusing our 3Gs it is REALLY fun and I still find myself going back to it often to “just kill that next monster”.  If you are already a match 3 addict then this is a given for your purchase list.


United States

Puzzle Quest 2 - Namco Networks America Inc.



Puzzle Quest 2 - Namco Networks America Inc.



Puzzle Quest 2 - Namco Networks America Inc.



Puzzle Quest 2 - Namco Networks America Inc.


New Zealand

Puzzle Quest 2 - Namco Networks America Inc.

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