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Review: Final Freeway

Even if there is a multitude of racing games in the App Store, nothing is comparable to the 1986 arcade classic OutRun.  This game has a basic gameplay and simple mechanic that it would’ve have been perfect for iPhone.  Now, thanks to they have finally managed to come up with an OutRun-inspired app – Final Freeway.  This game does give us the feel of the previous classic and also offers compact controls with various other configurations and an absolute sense of speed that works well even on older devices.

Like in OutRun, Final Freeway is a point-to-point racing game where you have to reach the checkpoint at a certain amount of time provided.  There are six various sections to race through with their own unique background.  The only difference between OutRun and Final Freeway is that there aren’t enough diverged paths at the end of each section.   The racing is simple and the goal is to reach each track as fast as possible while avoiding traffic and staying on the road.  You won’t crash in this game but it could slow you down if you hit another car or go off the track.

In Final Freeway, you can select from three different music to listen to while you’re racing.  This game has excellent graphics with added support for iPhone 4’s higher resolution and iPad’s display.  The frame rate is flawless which gives you that definite speedy feel.  There are tilt and touch control options and configurations of onscreen button placement.  There are separate gas and brake buttons and you have to let off the gas when turning rather than just hitting the brakes.

We only hope that there are more than six track locations.  The developer has implied in one of the forums that more levels are coming soon.

In total, Final Freeway is  an amazing game that could satiate your OutRun hunger anytime, anywhere.


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