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Review: Puzzle Agent

Puzzle Agent from Telltale Games is a story of an FBI puzzle detective Nelson Tethers.  This game has great graphics and story line so if you’re looking for a good mystery to solve then you would enjoy the overall experience of Puzzle Agent.  Although you might find yourself a little disappointed with its content and replay value.

The story starts with Nelson at his desk in the FBI headquarters.  He suddenly receives a phone call giving him an assignment to investigate the eraser factory in Scoggins, Minnesota.  The factory had closed and had been unable to supply the White House with its quota.  All the inquiries about the eraser factory had resulted to odd puzzle-related answers from the people of Scoggins.  In this game, you have to ask people, solve puzzles and discover what happened at the eraser factory.

Puzzle Agent is a sort of point and click adventure game wherein you could interact with various elements on the screen.  A circle will show from wherever you touch on the screen and an icon will pop up within that circle if something can be interacted with.  This game seemed to be enjoyable during investigation.  You have to talk to several people and each character is fully voiced and could converse in various ways.  The characters are witty and they have their own disposition.  It’s like being in an animated film.  The art style is also phenomenal utilizing the hand drawn style of Graham Annable, creator of Grickle.

There are many kinds of puzzles in Puzzle Agent – some are interesting, intuitive and some are awkward and frustrating. Sometimes it is hard to understand what you are supposed to be doing in a specific puzzle.  There is a hint system in case you get stuck.  It is quite bothersome to try and solve the puzzle via trial and error if you are already engrossed in the story.  The controls are also a little frustrating.  It doesn’t provide any precision especially when you touch or drag the items.

Once you are done with the puzzle, it’s not worth it to go back and play again since the puzzles and story don’t change.  The resolution is better on iPad because the texture look a bit blurry on the other devices.  We hope that they would fix this resolution issue with iPhone soon.

Puzzle agent provides us with an interesting experience and the graphics, music, voice talents and story are superb.  A little tweaking on the controls and adding a replay value on the puzzles would make this a very exceptional game.

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