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Sims 3 Ambitions now at the App Store

EA launched the latest Sims title to the App Store yesterday.  Sims 3 Ambitions presents you with new Sim-capabilities to the game.  This game now allows you to build your own house or business and have babies as well.

The new features are:

Career mode – In this mode, you can turn your Sims’ hobbies into jobs like firefighter, rock star, artist, teacher, chef, etc.  You can start with new career-oriented goals, mini-games, outfits and locations.  You can follow your Sims to work and witness how they enjoy making their dreams come true.

Build Mode – You could edit your house as you make a new home for your Sim.  You could buy and sell furniture or other objects and you could also build workplaces like a Bistro, Preschool or Night Club.

Babies – Now the most awaited feature is here!   You could have babies to feed, play with and put to bed.  Watch the babies grow into toddlers and then you can take them to the park to play hide-and-seek or cuddle them.

Import and Export –You could bring in your favorite Sims from The Sims 3 World of Adventures for iPhone and iPod touch and give them a chance to reach their dreams as well.

Here’s their gameplay video:


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