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Star Command Kickstart Breakdown of costs

I just read on Gamasultra about how the Makers of the game Star Command “War Balloon Games” did on Kickstarter and how they spent the money. It is a good wake up call for any Kickstarter projects to see some of the issues that could possibly impact them. one of the issues I see is that these guys had not researched their cost and required budget on all the extras. I guess there are a lot of people who are criticising them. Which I feel is wrong as it took a lot of balls to actually admit they miscalculated their required money for the project. I for one will be getting their game for two reasons 1. it looks great!, 2. I want to support such teams. I also feel such openness should be supported. Please follow them on Twitter and Facebook. I wish them well

War Balloon Games link to their site.

Star Command Trailer is a fun thing to watch.

Their Kickstarter page.

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